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Rebalance Staff Wellbeing Training & Support

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A Proven Practical Approach to Health, Happiness & Success.

 For prevention, relief & recovery from chronic pain, illness, stress & anxiety.

The Rebalance programme could be the most practical and effective programme to keep your staff working both healthy and happy whatever challenges they are facing.

Should illness occur it will enable them to return to work both confident and capable of performing at their best.

Your Options

Whatever the size or industry of your business I can support your staff with prevention, relief and recovery from physical and emotional health issues.

Take a look at the options below then contact me to discuss your individual needs.

1 - 1 Consultations

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Support your staff members who are struggling with emotional or physical health issues by providing them with my 12 week Rebalance HypnoCoaching Programme.

This confidential 1-1 online service includes weekly video link sessions with downloadable resources and recordings. It is bespoke to the needs of the client while following a clear recovery blueprint.


Online Group Programme

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The Rebalance Programme is an 8 module online programme, best attended over an eight week period, as putting all of the skills into practice is 80% of the learning.

I can support your staff in your own branded company group or you can purchase access to the study alone online programme.


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Introduce you staff to some fun, active and healthy ways they can take control of their emotional and physical health through releasing the stress, strains aches and pains of everyday life.

These workshops are currently being held online as now has never been a better time to connect positively with your staff.

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself...

The many benefits of Rebalance training

You can't not do something by trying not to do it!

When we feel overwhelmed or out of control we inadvertently steer ourselves further into our problems. Rebalance teaches how to both identify and exit these cycles by harnessing the very systems that created the problem in the first place.

Using the techniques of NLP, CBT, HypnoCoaching, Mindfulness and even our breaths we can quickly bring our nervous systems back into balance, quieten our minds and super charge our confidence.

If you are wanting healthy, happy and confident staff you will be wanting Rebalance.


Lower frequency and length of absenteeism

Ensures staff are present and productive even when faced with difficult life events.

Look after your staff and they will look after your business.

There are many benefits to learning these skills including an increase in confidence, capability, focus and motivation to name just a few.

Avoids unnecessary worry, anxiety and trauma that is a common side effect of long term absence and health issues.


Emotionally happy and confident people experience less pain and illness as well as recover quicker if it does strike.

Providing these life skills will ensure your staff feel valued, understood and supported, they will reward you with hard work and loyalty.


More reasons to invest in wellbeing

Training your staff in emotional fitness for physical wellness.

You care about your staff, you have invested time and money in providing training to ensure they have the skills needed to provide your customers with the quality of service and products that you aspire to achieve. But are

Now has never been a better time to ensure your staff are trained in the emotional fitness skills they need to be able to reach their potential for themselves, for you and for your business, whatever challenges arise.

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We can be trained to be healthy and happy, just as we have trained ourselves not to be!

When someone is suffering emotionally or physically you may not consider it as being something they have learned to do.

But by the time their emotional or physical health is impacting on their performance, attendance, enjoyment, motivation, confidence and capabilities in the workplace, they will have inadvertently perfected the art of their problem.

Don't leave your skilled and valued staff on this downward spiral of despair, fear, self doubt and lack of confidence that may ultimately lead to long term absence or resignation. 

Provide them with a proven programme to quickly address the root of their problem and keep them working.

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Medication, counselling, even sick leave, often do not provide your staff with the solution they need, and may even make things worse...

Providing ineffective help can be more damaging than no help at all, as it can increase feelings of helplessness and overwhelm.

Even taking time out comes with it's own issues at it reinforces a person's beliefs that they are unable to cope, or too unwell to work. Returning to work can then become a fearful experience.

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I have a lot of health and happiness to share

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