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Wellbeing Training

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Online and on site one to one and group programmes

Fast and effective programmes to prevent and address the symptoms, causes and impact of chronic pain, illness, stress and anxiety.

"You can do anything if you are properly trained." 

Queen Elizabeth II

Are your staff emotionally fit and physically well?

You care about your staff, you have invested time and money in providing training to ensure they have the skills needed to provide your customers with the quality of service and products that you aspire to achieve. But are your staff trained in the skills needed to be at their mental and emotional peak, even when illness or challenging life events arise.

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We can be trained to be healthy and happy, just as we have trained ourselves not to be!

When someone is suffering emotionally or physically you may not consider it as being something they have learned to do. But by the time their emotional or physical health is impacting on their performance, attendance, enjoyment, motivation, confidence and capabilities in the workplace, they will have inadvertently perfected the art of their problem. Don't leave your skilled and valued staff on this downward spiral of despair, fear, self doubt and lack of confidence that may ultimately lead to long term absence or resignation.

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Medication, counselling, even sick leave often do not provide your staff with the solution your staff need, they may even make things worse...

Providing ineffective help can be more damaging than no help at all as it can increase feelings of helplessness.

Even taking time out comes with it's own issues at it reinforces a person's beliefs that they are unable to cope or too unwell to work. Returning to work can then become a fearful experience.

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Give your staff the skills they need to be happy and healthy whatever work or life challenges them with...

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A combined mind based approach of Hypnocoaching, CBT, Mindfulness and NLP has been proven to be the fastest and most effective long term solution to both preventing and addressing not only the symptoms, causes and impact that chronic pain, illness, stress and anxiety has on a person's life. But it will provide your staff with the resilience and skills needed to ensure they can effectively deal with future challenges, without relapsing into physical or emotional issues.



Lower frequency and length of absenteeism

Ensures staff are present and productive even when faced with difficult life events.

Look after your staff and they will look after your business.

There are many benefits to learning these skills including an increase in confidence, capability, focus and motivation to name just a few.

Avoids unnecessary worry, anxiety and trauma that is a common side effect of long term absence and health issues.


Emotionally happy and confident people experience less pain and illness as well as recover quicker if it does strike.

Providing these life skills will ensure your staff feel valued, understood and supported, they will reward you with hard work and loyalty.

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself...

Our Services

One to one Consultations

If you have a staff member struggling with their emotional or physical health, hypnocoaching is proven to be the fastest and most effective method of making positive changes to both emotional health and chronic  pain and illness.

Workshops and Classes.

A group session or workshop can not only help those already struggling with their health but can teach all your staff quick and easy techniques to ensure they remain healthy and happy in all areas of their lives.

Online programmes also available.

Talks and information.

Introduce you staff to some fun, active and healthy ways they can take control of their emotional and physical health through releasing the stress, strains aches and pains of everyday life.

A great option for larger numbers or if time is limited.

We've got a lot of health and happiness to share

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