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A proven approach for achieving optimum health, relief and recovery from pain, illness, stress & anxiety.

Retraining mind and body into a place of healthfulness.

A 1-1 online or face to face personal coaching programme for exceptional results - It is all about the doing!

Sick of struggling with your health and desperate for not just understanding but a solution?

This programme is what you have been searching for.

Even when you think you have tried everything!

The Programme

"You can't not do something by trying not to do it, you need to do something else instead."

This programme is all about doing what you need to do to feel how you want to feel.

We will address the symptoms, causes and impact of what you are experiencing now, but unless your body and mind know how to experience this positive alternative, you will remain stuck in your problem.

This programme will teach you how to change that.

This programme is unique as unlike other programmes our focus is not on what is wrong with you, but rather on what is right!

Rebalance is a clear and simple retraining programme that will take you step by step through what is needed to enable you to achieve your emotional and physical health potential.

It is simple but it is not easy, which is why I will guide you every step of the way.

See how below.

What you will get

As you will see from the reviews, my group programmes are very hands on as it is important for both of us to get to know each other.

You need to know that you can trust my knowledge and skills to give you the results you desire, therefore I need to know your challenges and desires so I can help you achieve this.

I will be with you every step of the way, teaching, guiding and supporting.

If however you are wanting to fully work through the programme at your own pace, out of a group environment and self supporting, then their is that option too. Though historically on any programmes delivered in this way you wll need to be very self motivated to see this through to the conclusion you desire.

Exceptional Learning Experience

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To ensure all learning styles and lifestyles are accommodated you will receive a video lesson, audio recordings, written information, exercises and for the supported programme 1-1 messaging alongside a live Q&A session.

If you opt for one to one sessions too, then these are done via video calls or in my private practice.

The whole aim is to make this a very simple and supported learning experience as I understand the place you are starting from.

Online access to recordings

Music, Headphones, Listening.

You will have access to all lessons, exercises, meditations and hypnosis sessions via my online course site on Teachable. There is a Teachable app too so you can access from your phones.

Because I know that repetition is essential for forming new healthy habits and behaviours, you will be able keep this programme for at least a year to practice and refer back to whenever you need to.

All of the mp3's and written information is available to download too, so you will have that forever!

Support and Advice

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You will see by my reviews below that I offer exceptional support as this is one of the reasons that makes this programme as effective as it is.

Not only am I here to support you but you will also get the support of your fellow members in a closed facebook group, this is also where all the live action happens.

All sessions and information will remain in the group as well as going into the course platform so you can catch up at any time.

The price of the supported online programme is £1200.00 Payment plans are available.

If you feel you need more individual support then I offer a VIP package that includes 3 X 1- 1 consultations or a 12 week fully bespoke package. See below for details.

VIP Experience

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Because this programme does not discuss directly delicate and unique individual trauma that you may have suffered, I offer a VIP package.

If you know that there are some deep seated issues that you really need to discuss and address on a one to one basis, then alongside the group you can purchase a 3 x 75 minute session package. In addition to that you will get a pre course questionnaire and assessment, a 30 minute video call, and bespoke recordings.

Further 75 minute video sessions can be booked at £125 if required,

If you opt for this I can give you some individual attention and interventional therapy specific to your needs..

These sessions are done on video calls as and when you need them throughout the programme, or in the 3 months afterwards.

The price of this Package is £1600.00. Please book a free 30 minute call to discuss this option.

If you wish to work fully 1 - 1 on my 3 or 6 month programme then please book a call HERE to discuss this further.

Booking and Payment

Sign up for Rebalance Programme and VIP package here

To sign up for this online personal coaching programme please complete the details below.

You will then be directed to a payment page where you can choose which option to purchase.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or in instalments then please contact me below.

Once signed up an email will then arrive in your inbox with all the details you need to get started on the programme. Make sure you check your junk and spam folders if you don't see it!



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I have learnt some wonderful skills to help me manage and better understand the daily difficulties and anxieties that we all face in this chaotic and busy world.

My confidence has increased in believing in myself and I feel happier and stronger by learning how to be here now and living my life with a more positive approach.  Alexa gives out positivity that is infectious and works at a pace that understands pressures of life.

I will certainly be making the rest of my life, the best of my life! Thanks so much Alexa!


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I now feel a massive sense of positivity, I started feeling really low, I have made a huge amount of progress and that has really surprised me.

I now laugh when I consider how things were and the aversion to the word acceptance! I had my interpretation. I could not pretend to be happy where I was at, now I recognise I needed to accept where I was at that moment, with peace and without judgement!

Your information and techniques gave me the certainty and clarity of what I needed to do to get better.


100% 5 Star Reviews

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  • Support was always there from yourself with whatever we needed, and this I think is extremely important when the nature of some of the course. I also thought it nice that the whole group was supportive of each other
  • I would recommend anybody suffering with pain and anxiety to approach the course with an open mind ..and be prepared to be transfixed
  • I think your meditation sessions were very good ..I do a lot of meditation and some of yours are among my favourites that I use on a daily basis ...Especially those with hypnosis.

How I Overcame Anxiety, Pain & Illness

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I Think I was born anxious as a result of events that occurred in the womb and in the first days of my life. but they were no ones fault.

Yet with the knowledge I have now I can see how over the years this massively impacted on my physical health that resulted in me being too unwell to work by the age of 20.

I was 42 when I found my "cure" and it wasn't where I thought it was!

It started with an NLP class but that was just the beginning of a journey of discovery, and ultimately 9 years ago the passion and purpose I now have, to help others achieve their wellness potential too.