Personal Emotional Fitness Training

Meditation ~ Mindfulness ~ Relaxation ~ Breathwork

Quieten your busy mind, take time to relax and breathe as you master the art of health and happiness.

1-1 or private group sessions.

Your Key to health, happiness and success

If you are looking for ways to lose the stress, calm your mind and find a more peaceful and happy you, then Personal Emotional Fitness Training could be your way forward, as personal support has been proven to greatly improve your chances of achieving any goal.

You may have heard the buzz about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, maybe you have tried the Apps, listened to recordings, even been to a class, but you are just not getting where you want to be, or finding the time and space to put it into your daily life.

I have heard many times "I am too busy to breathe!"

These and the ever thinking brain are just some of the challenges to doing what you know is what your body, mind and life need.

I teach simple, practical exercises that are specific to your needs and the life you lead. I guide you step by step through meditation, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation and other emotional fitness exercises while showing you how to effortlessly integrate them into your daily activities until they simply become a new way of living and a new way of being.

The benefits are far reaching as you learn to experience everyday tasks from a calmer, more confident and mindful perspective. You will feel more in control of yourself and the world around you, be more focussed and productive, sleep better, make healthier choices, improve relationships and feel healthier and happier than ever before!

This and much more can be achieved through my Personal Emotional Fitness Training programmes so contact me today to find out more and book your first one to one session.

IMPORTANT: No sitting on the floor is required, I have chairs!

We spend so much time looking after our bodies that we often neglect our minds... Dame Kelly Holmes

Your Options

Whatever your requirements whether in your own home, business, online or at my premises, my service is designed to fit into your lifestyle so you will find becoming emotionally fit both achievable and accessible.

Personal sessions include recordings of all meditations and exercises so I will be guide and support you for many years to come.

My group courses and talk and taster sessions include access to the relevant online meditations and instructions.

One to One

A young woman doing yoga exercise indoors at home, meditating.

One to one sessions at my Wimborne home, online or in the comfort of your home for a bespoke and personal service, ensuring your individual needs and goals are met.


Prices start from £40.00 for 1 hour at my Wimborne address £200.00 for 6 sessions. For alternative venues please contact me.

Private Group Sessions

Gruppe entspannt gemeinsam im Liegen im Sportstudio

Get together with friends to have your own personal session, regular class or one off event in a local studio or in your own home. This could be your new girls night in!


Prices start from £120 for a 90 minute group session for up to 6 people local to Wimborne. Locations further afield are priced accordingly.

Talk and Taster

Business people talking at group meeting in circle

Bring health and happiness to your workplace or community group with a talk and taster session or workshop at your own venue or attend one of my public events.


Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements as concessionary rates are available to charities and support groups.


Please contact me to discuss other options or to book your first session today.


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