Get Your Life Back!

Your Optimal Chronic Pain and Illness Recovery Programme

Rebalance ~ Resolve ~ Reset

Get Healthy And Happy Whatever Your Challenges

You want to be well, so you have no doubt ridden the highs and lows of hope and disappointment as you try EVERYTHING in your power to find the solution to what ails you. It is not a big ask, you just want to lead a normal happy and healthy life like everyone else.

So why haven't you found it yet?

You have most likely been looking in the wrong places, I know, I did this too. Then I found that the answers lay inside of myself, it was me that made me sick therefore it was me that was going to make me better.

As a Hypnotherapist and Coach I have spent years researching and practicing the science behind pain and illness, and of course the most effective techniques to address the symptoms, causes and impact of these conditions.

As a result I can give you the clarity and the certainty you need to get this sorted once and for all.


If you would like to understand more about what has created your chronic pain, why your body is hurting, and most importantly how to resolve it so you can lead a healthy, happy life, then watch this video presentation.

It is about an hour long so grab a cup of tea and a notepad and settle down to some information that may just change your life!

What next; The Process

It is not only about why you got unwell in the first place, but why did you not get better?

Your initial problem may have started from physical injury or illness, but there are many other factors that will determine your experience of that condition and whether it becomes chronic.

This bespoke mind, body and lifestyle programme will give you the emotional and wellbeing skills to get your life back. It will be created around your individual needs and desires and the boundaries of any condition you are living with, so you can lead your calmest, most confident and satisfying version of your life.


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Gain understanding, certainty and clarity on what is actually happening in your body and why, plus most importantly, learn how to use your breath, your body and your imagination to calm and rebalance it back to normal healthy function.  


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Using the gentle and peaceful techniques of Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, you will be able to let go of the past negative habits, beliefs and trauma, that caused or resulted from your condition. Opening the door to creating a new positive relationship with yourself the world around you and your future.


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Ensure you can continue to live healthy and happy and energised as your life becomes one of healthy thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Making emotional fitness part of your everyday activities, putting into practice quick and easy exercises and habits that build and maintain a calm, confident and satisfying life.

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself...

Your Options

Because I am aware that for a programme to be effective it has to fit in to both your lifestyle and your preferred learning style. For this reason there are a number of ways to join the programme.

However you choose to work with me you will always get online access to all the information sheets, exercises and hypnosis recording so you can practice the techniques between sessions and long after the programme ends.

Bespoke 1-1

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Online Programme

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Group Programme

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We've got a lot of health and happiness to share