PSP Programme Details


This is a journey of discovery as well as recovery. Along the way you will learn many new and fascinating ways that your body and mind works. You will learn things you may not have realised about yourself, but most of all you will learn how to be the master of your own destiny. It will not always be easy, but it will be worth it when you get to experience life as you would wish it to be.




A unique and comprehensive combination of the most effective therapies for addressing physical and emotional pain.

A programme for life and for living, giving you an in depth understanding  of the mind/body connection and the skills needed to ensure you are capable of being physically and emotional well, whatever life throws at you!

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This programme has been created using the science and evidence based techniques that have been proven to be the most effective ways to lessen or eliminate chronic pain. With practice they will enable your neurological system to make the necessary beneficial changes to the way both your mind and body produce the experience that is pain.

I have spent over a decade studying and gaining personal and professional benefit from the evidence and techniques of many mind based therapies including: Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Counselling, Mindfulness, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and other less well known disciplines. Including the work of a number of recognised pioneers in the field of mind/body techniques for the treatment of chronic physical and emotional pain and anxiety.

This programme is designed to ensure it is easy and practical to instil these techniques into your everyday life, ultimately making your life easier, calmer and far more pleasurable.

I know for sure what can be achieved through these techniques as not only have I witness them transform the lives of hundreds of clients but before that I used them to successfully transform my own life from one of restriction, pain and disability, to the full and active one that it is now. 

The same as if you were working towards increasing your physical fitness and stamina, getting emotionally fit and physically healthy will require time, effort and most importantly practice.

We learn through repetition and you have no doubt been repeating your pain, illness and emotional distress and all it's associated beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours for some time. This programme will give you all the tools you need to replace them with healthy and happy programmes but for it to work you have to use them. It is like buying an exercise bike or DVD, buying it doesn't get results but doing it does!

The information below explains the techniques and methods you will be using to achieve your goals.


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Everything that goes on in the mind will have a physiological effect on the body, and visa versa, so when addressing issues of the body it is essential to consider the part the mind plays in creating and escalating both physical and emotional dis-ease. Through addressing the emotional aspects that, as you will learn, are often the real cause of why pain escalates to becomes chronic or transforms itself into further health issues.

Consequently you will learn to take back control of your body through building a calm and confident foundation to work with not against the body's own defense systems.

It has been proven that simply gaining this understanding will have a beneficial effect on your symptoms and wellbeing.



"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

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I have found no greater tool than hypnotherapy when it comes to addressing the mind body connection. This is because if we are to address issues such as pain or anxiety that are the result of programmes that appear out of our conscious control, then we need to be able to influence the workings of our unconscious mind.

You will learn that you can change the behaviour of these unconscious autonomic processes by using the breath, the body and the imagination, the three main ingredients of a hypnotherapy session.

You may also be surprised to learn that the style of hypnotherapy I use; Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is all about you taking control and becoming attuned to your body and mind, not the version you may have seen on stage!


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."


A very significant part of this programme is understanding and recognising how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are influencing not just your level of pain but your experience and perception of that pain and the quality of your life in general.

To do this I use a model of therapy called CBT, this combined with hypnotherapy and Mindfulness has been proven to be the most effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety and depression, even more effective than opiate medication. What is more is is entirely under your control and has no negative side effects!

Using CBT you will be able to identify what is and is not working for you and should you start on a negative cycle you will have many ways to exit it.



You can't not do something by trying not to do it, you have to do something else instead. NLP helps you create that something else.

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We do what we do and even think what we think because it has become a programmed pattern of behaviour, this allows most of what we do to go on out of our conscious awareness. Take for example getting dressed in the morning, it would be very overwhelming if we had to consciously think each part of the process.

Unfortunately this means we can sometimes form unhelpful programmes that are detrimental to our physical and emotional health and happiness, NLP is a powerful tool for changing those programmes and has some similarities to hypnotherapy.

The information from our senses; what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch etc are how these programmes are formed, so we use the same information to understand and change the programming through a variety of exercises. It is not as complicated as it sounds and enables some quick and lasting changes.


"Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be."

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I have chosen to group Mindfulness and Meditation together as there is an overlap in many of the benefits and the techniques. What you may not realise is that they can both be done during activity or in a place of quiet, as the biggest benefits come from where your mind is focussed, not necessarily what you are doing.

Both are about being in the present moment, being aware of what is, with peace and without judgement. You can be cooking dinner and be totally mindfully aware of the sensory experience of it, only focussed on the task in hand, thereby creating a calm, peaceful environment in the systems of your body and mind. Or you can sit cross legged in a peaceful place and be ruminating and stressing about the past and the future, which will result in a lot of stress hormones and activity inside of you, this is neither meditative or mindful!

One of the keys to health and happiness is to create an environment of calm, confidence and safety from within. The methods used in both mindfulness and meditation allow for our mental and physical functions to be running from this perspective. When used regularly within daily activities they enable us to be more resilient, so when difficulties occur we are able to deal with them calmly and effectively.


If in doubt breathe out!

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The breath is vital to our physical and emotional wellbeing as it has the power to put us into fight and flight mode or the opposite, rest and digest. Therefore learning to use the breath to our benefit is a powerful and very quick tool to lessening and preventing pain.

When we are stressed, anxious or in pain we will be functioning from the sympathetic nervous system, the fight and flight response i.e. we are reacting as if we are imminent danger and may have to take sudden life saving action. This in turn means we become hypersensitive to all sensory information and trigger happy, wrongly perceiving harmless information to mean danger.

In this state you may notice your breath becomes rapid, tight and shallow. Many other changes occur in the body in this mode that long term exacerbate or create pain, tension and dis-ease.

When we are calm we are running from our parasympathetic nervous system, a long slow out breath and abdominal in breaths wiLL trigger this system. In this mode the systems within your body such as digestion, hormones, immune system etc are working in a calm and balanced state allowing for optimal performance. You are therefore likely to respond in a calm and rational manner to sensory information.




The brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.