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Find your calm, confident, healthy & happy self with step by step guidance in the gentle practice of mindfulness & meditation and more mind & body exercises.

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Why you need Mindfulness, Meditation & More in your life!

Whether you are just wanting to bring a little extra self care into you life or because you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with your physical or your emotional health, then I have good news! Mindfulness and Meditation and the other exercises in this course, are scientifically proven to make beneficial changes to all of these conditions at the deepest level.

Meditation and Mindfulness are simple, but not always easy to do!

Because the reasons why you would meditate in the first place are the same reasons that get in the way of actually getting on and doing it, a supported, structured course is the most effective way to not only learn the techniques but to ensure that you integrate daily practice and awareness, both formally and informally into your daily life.

Fitness training for the Mind

For 6 weeks I will be your personal emotional fitness trainer.

Just as to get physically fitter and stronger we exercise the muscles we need to use to run faster or further, or lift heavier weights. Emotional fitness training involves exercising the brain to become stronger in the areas that increase, calm, focus, resilience and even happiness.

During this 6 week programme I will be supporting you while you learn to develop your skills and a regular practice in the art of being your calmest, most confident and rational self. Perfect for the many challenges we are currently facing.

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I can recommend Alexa's Meditation, Mindfulness and More course because I have learnt some wonderful skills to help me manage and better understand the daily difficulties and anxieties that we all face in this chaotic and busy world. My confidence has increased in believing in myself and I feel happier and stronger by learning how to be here now and living my life with a more positive approach.  Alexa gives out positivity that is infectious and works at a pace that understands pressures of life.  This course has been invaluable - I look at where I was and where I am now and with regular daily meditations and journaling I will certainly be making the rest of my life, the best of my life! Thanks so much Alexa!

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Hear what other have to say about previous online courses with Alexa

I would definitely give you and the course a 5 star rating.

It felt very personal, like being with a friend.

I learnt so many exercises I can use to help me stay calmer and happier.

Your personal support was invaluable.

What you will get

Come and join me on this 6 week retreat as you embrace to benefits of connecting positively with yourself and the world around you.

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  • In this online self study course, I may not be live with you each week but as the recordings are from my live sessions, it will feel like I am!
  • Instant access to all lessons in the 6 week course, though I suggest you do them over a minimum of 6 weeks as the doing is the learning.
  • 3 video / audio lessons a week for 6 weeks, so 18 lessons.
  • Each lesson in accessed via your teachable site and is either a video and downloadable meditation, mindfulness or hypnosis mp3 recording or just the MP3.
  • You will have a downloadable library of MindBody exercises that you can continue to use for years to come.
  • There is some extra information in there too for added support and learning on your journey.



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Self Study Course Price £197.00

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself...

I have a lot of health and happiness to share

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