Achieving the body, life, level of health or success that you desire in any area of your life is not about diet and exercise, but all about mastering your magnificent mind! 

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A weight loss action plan for the mind.

When we think about losing weight the first things we address are our diet and our activity levels.

You may start out on this journey with a sense of empowerment, motivation, positive expectation. Or maybe you are one of the many who view the whole process of being one of deprivation, loss, hunger, discomfort and pain as they see themselves being forced out of their comfort zone.

You can see from this example that it is not the losing weight that is the issue, but your perception of it and the state of your mind set. This is why many weight loss regimes fail; the underlying beliefs, behaviours and the needs associated with that are not being addressed.

There is no truer words spoken than: “You can do anything that you put your mind to.”

Work with your mind and the rest of your body will follow. This applies to everything you want to achieve, if your mind and body are working in unison then you will have all the motivation, self-belief, confidence, focus and skills to succeed.


Here are my top tips for succeeding:

KNOW POSITIVELY WHAT YOU WANT: This needs to be stated in the positive, so not even what you want to lose, because loss is associated with negative feelings. You need to know what you do want, why you want it, what it will look like, feel like, sound like etc. when you have it.

The aim is to move towards pleasure not away from discomfort, frustration etc. as we are pleasure seeking beings.

Be realistic and be kind focussing on your gains e.g. To feel confident and good about yourself, to live a life you love, to be able to do the things you want to do, to find pleasure in eating healthy nutritious food that tastes delicious, to enjoy increasing your intake of vegetables and natural fresh produce, to embrace physical exercise; using stairs, going to the gym. You can set a target for how much you want to weigh, what clothes you want to fit into, but most importantly set a target to feel confident, comfortable, kind and accepting of yourself as you take back control of your appetite, food choices, health and happiness.


  • KNOW YOURSELF WITH PEACE AND WITHOUT JUDGEMENT- Establish what you are doing that has prevented you from having already having achieved your goal;

By recognising your thoughts, feelings and therefore behaviours you have around food you can establish what you are doing that has created and maintains this weight issue. You can do this by keeping the food diary and observing the thoughts and feelings and behaviours before during and after eating. When you know what you have that you don’t want you have the information you need to create what you do want. Remember what you think is what you get so focus on learning to build a new supportive positive belief system and focus.


  • STOP – There is always another thing to do, another thought to think, a different feeling, a different focus. This technique is most effective if you have done my stop hypnosis!

Remember to use your stop command if tempted down this negative path.


  • CREATE AND USE YOUR ANCHOR! 100 x a day notice all the good things moments, from the sun shining, a child laughing, a great tune on the radio, there are literally hundreds that have been slipping by unnoticed every day, now capture them in your anchor. (If you don’t know what I am talking about then book a quick call with me and I will teach you.) Add to that further by using your senses to imagine how great you are going to feel when you eat healthily, when you are slimmer, fitter more full of energy, when you are feeling it then press your right palm and reaffirm with, “I am doing this, this feels good.” Any positive statement like this will increase the effectiveness of the anchor and embed your resolve to succeed even deeper. Every time you feel optimistic or make a good choice USE YOUR ANCHOR!


  • KNOWLEDGE; know how to nourish your body and feed your healthy gut bacteria (this will be on a separate document) Our gut Microbiome will have a massive effect on the food choices we make, the efficiency of gaining nutrients from that food, how fast our metabolism is and many other chemical processes that occur in our body relating to our emotional and physical health. A fabulous book that will tell you all you should know is THE DIET THE MYTH by TIM SPECTOR, buy and read it now!



  • BE PREPARED; To help you make the right choices you need to use your rational brain not your emotional one, if you decide what to eat when you are tired, hungry, stressed, rushed etc. you will be using negative emotions to make your decisions, to avoid doing this you need to plan ahead and shop to our plan so it is easy to stick with it. So plan for all meals and snacks in all situations, once it is planned you do not need to spend time thinking about it, hooray your head space is cleared for more useful positive thoughts!

Write a list of all the lovely delicious basic foods you like and the family like, then plan your meals with everyone’s participation and agreement (more battles avoided) Ensure you take into account the amount of time you are likely to have to prepare these dishes and do some in advance when you have time to do it in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Cooking double can be very useful and freezing or keeping for the next day if everyone eating at different times. FEEL EXCITED AND ORGANISED!



When you eat give it the time and the attention it deserves, this will help your body know that you have eaten it, it will digest and utilise it better and your body will release the hormones that tell your body you have had enough so you will feel satisfied. Gratitude increase our ability to digest as well us drives us down our positive path so think good thoughts while cooking and preparing and shopping for the food, when eating sit at a table, taste the food, savour the food, do not rush it.


  • INCREASE EXERCISE; again planning for structured exercise is good such as a class as you are again making a rational not an emotional choice. When you have booked or made the decision of what, when and where you are going to do then look forward to it. Again USE YOUR ANCHOR, imagine doing that exercise, enjoying it, feeling energised and fit, then anchor it. Remember again what you think is what you get so if you spend the day thinking you will be too tired to go, you will be too tired to go!


  • KNOW IT IS YOUR CHOICE; you always have a choice which pathway you are going down, if you are tempted to go down the old pathway be aware of the result you will get. Take yourself down the new healthier, slimmer pathway in your imagination and choose to go that way. If ever you do not like what you are feeling, thinking or doing the just stop and ask yourself what else could you be choosing to do?



  • PUT GOOD STUFF IN YOUR LIFE; the more pleasure you have in your life the more optimistic and motivated you will feel. There are many ways to do this KEEPING A POSITIVITY JOURNAL is a great way to get more pleasure and happiness in your life doing the same things you have always done, just using a new perspective. This journal is an exercise in mindfulness and positive thinking, it will change the chemicals your body produces and even your brain structure, so do not underestimate how beneficial it can be. RELAXATION AND BREATHING EXERCISES AND STRESS ELIMINATION if you want to achieve calmness and relaxation in a pressured situation, you have to practice how to bring that state on easily in a calm relaxed atmosphere first to create that programme in your brain so you can access it easily when you need it. HYPNOSIS; this enables you to create your positive programmes easily and effectively, embedding them deeply so the new behaviours become the norm. Hypnosis is also a very effective way of dealing with the negative programmes and experiences that have created your problems in the first place.


  • FUN and ROMANCE and INTERESTS; this is important to us as humans we have basic needs beyond food and warmth, when we satisfy these needs we are emotionally and physically healthier and satisfied. Consider what you can ditch or delegate that is taking up too much time and is unnecessary, include in this procrastination and time wasted thinking not doing something. Write a list of things you would enjoy doing socially and make the aim to add one new thing a month or a new weekly activity, or simply going back to the things you have enjoyed in the past.



  • GET SUPPORT; from ME! Friends, family, groups it will make it more fun, we learn from each other and if others have the same goal and ethos you can motivate each other.


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