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Rebalance Focus Group


A unique opportunity to work with me if you want to achieve relief and recovery from pain, illness, stress & anxiety so you can be free to lead a life you love.

What You Will Get

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"You can't not do something by trying not to do it, you need to do something else instead." Let this be that something else.


Watch this 14 minute training below to find out why in your quest to get well, the things you have already tried haven't worked and exactly what you need to do instead.

  • My promise that I will do everything in my power to ensure you achieve the best results possible for you from this programme.
  • Everything you would get in my 12 week supported group personal coaching programme at a fraction of the full price.
  • A pre course assessment and 30 minute call so I know exactly what your goals and challenges are.
  • Lifetime access to your online material on Teachable containing: Weekly video lessons, hypnosis/meditation MP3 downloads, daily healthful actions, journaling activities, weekly clarity and progression forms and bonus information.
  • One to one messaging for day to day support and accountability.
  • A live weekly coaching/Q&A session on zoom.
  • Support of your fellow focus group members in a closed Facebook group with the option to buddy up for additional support.
  • The chance to play your part in helping others in a similar situation to you by road testing and giving feedback on this hybrid style programme.

Your next step is to either get started now by signing up at the bottom of the page, watch the free 15 minute training by completing the form below, or if you would like to discuss this further then book a 30 minute clarity call below:

The 3 Most Important Things....

Watch this 15 minute training to start making changes today

If you would like to know more then this 15 minute training will take you through the 3 most important things you must do to achieve wellness, even when you think you have tried everything.

Any questions? Please contact me below.



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I have learnt some wonderful skills to help me manage and better understand the daily difficulties and anxieties that we all face in this chaotic and busy world.

My confidence has increased in believing in myself and I feel happier and stronger by learning how to be here now and living my life with a more positive approach.  Alexa gives out positivity that is infectious and works at a pace that understands pressures of life.

I will certainly be making the rest of my life, the best of my life! Thanks so much Alexa!


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I now feel a massive sense of positivity, I started feeling really low, I have made a huge amount of progress and that has really surprised me.

I now laugh when I consider how things were and the aversion to the word acceptance! I had my interpretation. I could not pretend to be happy where I was at, now I recognise I needed to accept where I was at that moment, with peace and without judgement!

Your information and techniques gave me the certainty and clarity of what I needed to do to get better.


100% 5 Star Reviews

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  • Support was always there from yourself with whatever we needed, and this I think is extremely important when the nature of some of the course. I also thought it nice that the whole group was supportive of each other
  • I would recommend anybody suffering with pain and anxiety to approach the course with an open mind ..and be prepared to be transfixed
  • I think your meditation sessions were very good ..I do a lot of meditation and some of yours are among my favourites that I use on a daily basis ...Especially those with hypnosis.

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How I Overcame Anxiety, Pain & Illness

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I Think I was born anxious as a result of events that occurred in the womb and in the first days of my life. but they were no ones fault.

Yet with the knowledge I have now I can see how over the years this massively impacted on my physical health that resulted in me being too unwell to work by the age of 20.

I was 42 when I found my "cure" and it wasn't where I thought it was!

It started with an NLP class but that was just the beginning of a journey of discovery, and ultimately 9 years ago the passion and purpose I now have, to help others achieve their wellness potential too.