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There has never been a more important time to invest in both the emotional and physical health of your staff.

Coronavirus has moved the goalposts in all areas of our lives, from where and how we work, to places that we feel safe and the way that we communicate with one another.

Many of even your most resilient staff will have experienced a new sense of fear and trepidation as they go about daily tasks that they have always taken for granted. Fear creates stress and stress creates illness, emotional and physical, impacting on the effectiveness of our immune system but also triggering symptoms like pain, digestive issues and anxiety.

My group Rebalance online staff wellbeing programme is currently available to BBX members.

This programme is a practical skills based programme based on neuroscience but taught gently and holistically through a variety of mind/body skills, from relaxation, breathwork, to NLP, CBT and Hypnocoaching.

This could well be the most effective yet pleasurable programme of training that your staff will ever receive.

I am currently offering a private 8 week group programme branded to your business for up to 5 staff members for £2000. Subsequent member can join at just £200 per person.

In the near future the study alone programme will be released at £180 per person, group discounts apply.

I also have a limited number of spaces for individuals who wish to join my next open group programme prices are £497.00 per person.

Please contact me below to discuss your individual requirements.

What you will get

These group programmes are very hands on, I will be there for you every step of the way, teaching, guiding and supporting.

I limit the number of people within the group because I want o get to know you and your stories, so I can be sure to give you what you need to move from a place of struggle and survival, into a place of thriving and enjoyment.

Consider this as an 8 week retreat, with a group of others facing similar challenges, that will create a lifetime of positive changes that you get to action both within your everyday life.

Live Facebook Sessions

looking at ipad

I will be live twice a week including a Q&A, in your own private facebook group set up for your business.

These lessons and all the recorded exercises are then uploaded in the course site.

Everything that you could need to ensure you get the support you need to get you the results you desire.

Online access to recordings

learn to relax and breathe with this gentle breathwork download

You will have continued access to all lessons, exercises, meditations and hypnosis sessions via my online course site enabling you to watch at a suitable time.

So you will be able keep this programme to practice and refer back to whenever you need to.

Facebook Q&A and support

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You will get the support of your fellow members in a closed facebook group where all the live action happens. I will post regularly and All sessions and information will remain there as well as going into the course platform, so if you cannot attend live.

Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself...

Find out what the programme is all about by watching the live session from week 1 of our current group programme.

I have a lot of health and happiness to share

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