Alexa Warner

" Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right "

Henry Ford


My Story

I thought I couldn't and now I know I can!

I am living proof that it is not about changing the situation but changing the way you respond to it that counts. By changing the way I responded to health issues my body has become fitter and healthier and my mind is calmer and happier. I have more energy and pleasure in my life that I would have ever believed possible.

I do what I do because it has worked for me, 10 years ago I was registered disabled, walking with crutches and struggling to do the daily duties my family demanded let alone build a career, a business, a social life and enjoy it!

Then I went to an evening NLP class and my life began to change.

For years I had tried many different alternative, complementary and mainstream therapies to “cure” me of ME, Fibromyalgia, IBS, allergies plus more weird and not so wonderful symptoms that I had “suffered” from since my teens. I was fighting against what I had.

I haven’t found a cure but I no longer suffer, that makes sense to me I hope it does to you!

As it turns out I have a genetic condition so as one doctor put it "I was made wrong" but how I experienced these conditions was greatly affected by my fear, anxiety and frustration at the pain, symptoms and restriction it brought to mind and therefore my life.

When I learnt to let go of the fight in my body, to let go of the fear and anxiety and the projected worst case scenario I was constantly imagining, then the impact of the bits that don’t work so well was greatly reduced.

The beliefs that had limited me had been removed, and now consequently most people on meeting me would have no idea that anything was not quite as it should be (the temptation is to use the word wrong but for me I am made just right.) See it is all a matter of perception!

Whether you are emotionally or physically dissatisfied with your life, if you are ready to make changes then I have the tools to help.


Loving my life

Me doing some of the stuff I love, you may notice a holiday theme here! 

The right is me teaching my Free Fuzion® class that is something I am truly passionate about.

FF me teaching