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Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, but unfortunately life happens and sometimes we need a little help to feel that way.

I am here to guide you.

If you are feeling that your life wasn't meant to be this way, sure that you were meant to feel so much better than this, then you are in the right place.

I understand that by the time you reach this point you have no doubt tried many things with varying degrees of effectiveness, but is also probably safe to assume that you have not found the answers you are searching for.

I believe you will find them here.

My programmes and the techniques used within them will give you the information, clarity and solutions to ensure you understand what is happening to cause you to feel this way, and most importantly, how together we can resolve it.

Are you ready to take back control of your body & mind so you can live the happy, healthy and successful life you have worked so hard to achieve?

Let me show you how...


Take a look at my programmes below in more detail to find out more about how you can heal your body and mind and make emotional fitness part of your everyday routine.


Mindfulness and Meditation 

Master Your Magnificence


I have 9 years experience as a GHR and CNHC approved, registered and insured Hypnotherapist and Master Coach with qualifications and experience in a number of other mind based therapies including Counselling, NLP, CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation.

This alongside decades of personal experience living with and successfully reclaiming my life from chronic pain and illness, gives me a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges you are facing.


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I have learnt some wonderful skills to help me manage and better understand the daily difficulties and anxieties that we all face in this chaotic and busy world.

My confidence has increased in believing in myself and I feel happier and stronger by learning how to be here now and living my life with a more positive approach.  Alexa gives out positivity that is infectious and works at a pace that understands pressures of life.

I will certainly be making the rest of my life, the best of my life! Thanks so much Alexa!


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I now feel a massive sense of positivity, I started feeling really low, I have made a huge amount of progress and that has really surprised me.

I now laugh when I consider how things were and the aversion to the word acceptance! I had my interpretation. I could not pretend to be happy where I was at, now I recognise I needed to accept where I was at that moment, with peace and without judgement!

Your information and techniques gave me the certainty and clarity of what I needed to do to get better.


100% 5 Star Reviews

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  • Support was always there from yourself with whatever we needed, and this I think is extremely important when the nature of some of the course. I also thought it nice that the whole group was supportive of each other
  • I would recommend anybody suffering with pain and anxiety to approach the course with an open mind ..and be prepared to be transfixed
  • I think your meditation sessions were very good ..I do a lot of meditation and some of yours are among my favourites that I use on a daily basis ...Especially those with hypnosis.

How I Overcame Anxiety, Pain & Illness

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I Think I was born anxious as a result of events that occurred in the womb and in the first days of my life. but they were no ones fault.

Yet with the knowledge I have now I can see how over the years this massively impacted on my physical health that resulted in me being too unwell to work by the age of 20.

I was 42 when I found my "cure" and it wasn't where I thought it was!

It started with an NLP class but that was just the beginning of a journey of discovery, and ultimately 9 years ago the passion and purpose I now have, to help others achieve their wellness potential too.


It takes very little to make a happy life ~ it is all within yourself

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